Sheryl WuDunn and Nicholas Kristof are the definition of a power couple. They both won Pulitzer Prizes for their coverage of Tienanmen Square. They have degrees from places like Harvard, Princeton and Cornell.They have traveled the world and lectured many crowds like the one gathered in Alumni Gym on Thursday. Going in, I fully expected to be blown away by a couple of geniuses.

But for me, what was just as impressive as their credentials was how easy it was to hear and relate to them. They mostly spoke on the issue of gender equality and how we can make progress towards equal rights and treatment for women. Instead of just feeding us endless statistics, they used anecdotes. Their stories of individual women were very effective. Some were heartbreaking and some were heartwarming, but every anecdote hit home.

What they’re doing is very impressive. They are very busy people, constantly traveling as well as working their day jobs and taking care of their children. Yet they still have found time to campaign internationally on the behalf of women. I’m grateful for the opportunity to see them speak. I can’t think of anyone better for women to have on their side.